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Don’t Replace It, Clean It! It’s The Better View Way! With Better View’s Services: Roof Cleaning Service we use a very low pressure system to apply roof cleaning detergents and soaps that will remove any grime, black streaks, moss and algae that has built up and accumulated over time on the surface, causing your roof to look dull, dingy and very discolored. Better View Services Roof Cleaning restores your roof to its FIRST original standing! Better View Services offer this service to customers with the following types of roofs:

  • Composite Shingles 
  • Spanish Tile Shingles 
  • Slate & Metal Roofs

Our process removes all debris and restores the exterior of the roof back to the first original color with an unbelievably fresh NEW look! It’s outstanding, honestly!

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Roof Cleaning

Do you have black streaks or stains causing your roof to look unattractive and dingy ? Did you know that asphalt composite shingle roof cleaning IS AN EXTREMELY tedious AND dangerous task, if not done properly??! Hiring Better View Services to take care of your shingle roof cleaning project is highly recommended to avoid other company’s that may not have the proper knowledge to clean your roof; potentially costing you thousands to replace. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Simply with Better View, always using the very low-pressure soft-wash cleaning method for applying detergents (that are also recommended from ACTUAL shingle manufacturing companies) will clean the entire surface of your roof; restoring it to it’s finest!

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Roof Cleaning

Is your tile roof infested with black streaks or stains? Did you know cleaning tile roofs is no easy task for the average joe or homeowner?! AGAIN!! Leave it to the Elite Pro’s at Better View Services!! We handle all your tile roof cleaning needs to ensure your tile roof is in the best of hands (Literally — we have to be extremely delicate) and guaranteed to look absolutely amazing after Better View Services are complete! Once wet, the tiles become very slippery and even more fragile to walk on portentously breaking under the pressure of each step… BUT NEVER FEAR, BETTER VIEW IS HERE!! Using our soft-wash technique to clean tile roof surfaces using a very low pressure loaded with special roof cleaning detergents (recommended by tile manufacturing companies) will have your tile roof looking good as new! If not better, considering it’s the Better View Way!!

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Roof Cleaning

Metal roof looking discolored and in need of a specialized cleaning? Better View Services always has your back covered!! Remember!! Cleaning a metal roof is no easy task unless you are experienced and equipped with the proper necessities to get the job done right while avoiding hazards!! Better View Services offer our Metal Roof Cleaning process using the same soft-wash method to clean Shingle and Tile roofs. By applying special roof cleaning detergents at a very low pressure, avoids damaging the surface(s) and leave your metal roof looking new, as brand new! Guaranteed! *Side Note Knowledge* Normally walking on a metal roof to clean is always a BIG “no-no”! Slip hazards are a lot higher when cleaning metal roofs verses any other roof cleaning projects! Metal roofs become slippery once the surface is wet and soapy causing extreme potential for fatal hazards. Making sure you’re hiring the elite pros to tackle your metal roof cleaning project WILL cost you less!

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  • Improves your homes energy efficiency 
  • Boosts your homes curb appeal and helps maintain its value 
  • Protects your roof from potential harmful leaks and decay 
  • Will save you thousands of dollars in the long-run by not having to replace your roof in the future

So Remember, Don’t Replace It, Clean It! Every year, home-owners are maliciously fooled into thinking they need a complete roof replacement due to those dirty black streak stains caused by algae and lichen. CONTACT BETTER VIEW SERVICES for your same day affordable quote so WE can get your roof looking good as new at a fraction of the cost of replacing! Trust The Experts at Better View Services! We are here to serve YOU!


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